new office supplies…

by rae on August 26, 2014

  I adore new office supplies. New books, new pens and pencils. Whatever. I finally broke down and ordered these pencils because I am such a fan of type designer extraordinaire Louise Fili. And I don’t even like pencils. I must say these do glide across the paper rather nicely. Legendary designer Louise Fili brings her [...]

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butter bell

by rae on November 25, 2013

I just learned about this great little butter keeper. We like to keep our butter at room temperature. A French butter dish is a container used to maintain the freshness and spreadable consistency of butter without refrigeration. The base holds water, and a cup holds the packed in butter which also serves as a lid. [...]

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what’s on the drawing board

by rae on September 10, 2013

  RSVP Brush is still on the drawing board or more accurately the iPad and computer. I have been working on this and my website all Summer long. I am at the kerning and the adding of additional open type characters stage. That means I am able to see the end. The nice part is [...]

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orthaheel sandals

by rae on August 9, 2013

  Recently I found out that I have plantar fasciitis. Add to that a bad knee and I really need good shoes. My friend Janette was here and I was limping and she insisted I try on her sandals. These really help. These are working for me. The brand is Orthaheel and I got this [...]

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zenni optical

by rae on July 22, 2013

  New fun, very reasonably priced glasses. With shipping I think these cost $31. But I do have a simple prescription. It was news to me that you could order glasses online. You, of course, have to have your prescription. I got these at HH (handsome hubby) thought they looked sexy, I think they [...]

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Ice Tea Pitcher

by rae on March 25, 2013

i am trying not to buy any new kitchen things until we someday remodel and I sort through all my kitchen things toss the old and buy new. I had a vintage, glass pitcher I made sun tea in that was my friend Jane’s Mom’s. During a little dinner party I accidentally broke it and [...]

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  I know I am on a postcard kick. But I  got this recent pack of 100 oversized postcards and I really like them. 100 quirky and original postcards created and chosen by Alan Fletcher A collection inspired by the award-winning The Art of Looking Sideways Contains a witty and entertaining feast for the eye [...]

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oh what a beautiful package

by rae on January 22, 2013

Now I have a problem. This package is just too pretty to open. I really adore pretty gifts and this is from my friend Justine. I just noticed that the polka dot flower is really a on a barrette. Hmmmm… I wonder how long this will sit on my desk.

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pancake & more food face plates

by rae on January 18, 2013

  by now I am sure you know I like plates. Actually I like whole sets of dishes. I’ve had many and gotten rid of many and I guess I am now receiving them as gifts. Doesn’t get any better than that. In his quest to create the perfect plate for devouring pancakes, designer Jon [...]

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Paris vs New York

by rae on January 14, 2013

these were a birthday gift… I love these boxes of postcards. Last year I got the Pantone ones and this year Paris vs. New York. I will have a lot of fun with these. A witty homage to both the Big Apple and the City of Lights, this collection of 50 visual comparisons between the [...]

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