This is my favorite font! And I have made quite a few of them. “Dear Rae, Love Dad” is a modern calligraphy font drawn by hand, using ink, and a folded nib dip pen on rough watercolour paper. Best used in Open Type apps, it has automatically changing alternates. To use the open type features [...]


penmanship, calligraphy & lettering

by rae on January 30, 2015

                        This weekend I had serious fun attending Crystal Kluge’s modern penmanship class in St. Paul. You can see her fonts here. I also enjoyed the rare chance to talk shop with another type designer!                   [...]

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new! flourishes & ornaments

by david on June 17, 2014

  New! Flourishes & Ornaments… 50 hand-drawn fresh, contemporary flourishes and ornaments that work with all the Outside the Line alphabet and doodle fonts. Add a bit of pretty adornment to cards, invitations and gift tags.

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  font sighting here…. the birthday candles and swirls are from Holiday Doodles Too and Birthday Bedlam is Best Regardz! Nothing charms me more than to see fonts I have made used really well by someone. This someone is my friend Carrie from Scherpelz.com just in case you need something designed. And she can do [...]

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new font, farm doodles!

by rae on April 19, 2013

F arm Doodles is finished and for sale everywhere. Whew. Each new font always feels like such an accomplishment. It is the perfect collection of illustrations to be used for everything from the farm to table movement to the current weddings on a farm trend. 30 illustrations of farm animals… beehive, fish, bunny, chickens, cows, goat, [...]

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hamilton still needs our help

by rae on April 10, 2013

Hamilton Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin still needs our help. Neenah Paper, also in Wisconsin is taking donations and matching them for Hamilton. You can make a $5, $25 or $75 and get a letterpress poster. Last Summer we visited the Hamilton Type Museum and had a great time. If you are able please [...]

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Each year I subscribe to one nice art magazine. This is mine for this year. I missed the first issue but could get it as a download to my iPad for only $8. Issue #2 sets the bar even higher: More pages (180), more great content, and a complete redesign. Read about the iconic Pirelli [...]

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last Summer we took a little trip to the Hamilton Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. You can read all about our lovely day here. This glorious place needs our help and needs it NOW. The Hamilton Wood Type Museum is the only museum dedicated to the preservation, study, production and printing of wood type. [...]

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cajun christmas

by rae on October 26, 2012

  i did not create this amazing New Orleans holiday card but Jenn from Seahorse Bend Press did using my New Orleans Doodles as the artwork. Nothing makes me happier than to see my illustrations used so well by someone else. If you need some you can email her at help@seahorsebendpress.com and tell her Rae [...]

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what is on the drawing board…

by rae on August 14, 2012

  Started a new font this week and at the same time started this book which I am unfortunately just gobbling up. My font making friend Nancy sent it to me because she thought I would like it and I do. It is a murder mystery (which I rarely read) that includes rare book collecting, printing [...]

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